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 **2014 Registration Coming Soon!**

The U.S. Team registration fee is $900 which includes 8 competing members. Each team event requires 5 competitors; however, you may register up to 8 personnel on a competitive team. All 8 members will be eligible to compete in team events during the week. This $900 fee will register team members for all competition events, educational classes, barbecue on Sunday evening, hospitality reception on Tuesday evening, and the awards ceremony and dinner Friday evening.

The U.S. Individual Registration fee is $100 which will register individuals who are not participating as competing team members, but wish to attend classes and other events. This will include registration for individual events, educational classes, barbecue on Sunday evening, hospitality reception on Tuesday evening, and the awards ceremony & dinner on Friday evening.

All registrations must be completed online.

International competitors, click here for more information.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.


A Competitive Team consists of eight (8) members.  Each team event requires five (5) members for competition purposes; however, all eight (8) personnel will be considered competitive team members and may alternate on any given event.  Each Competitive Team Member must be a sworn law enforcement, military or correctional officer and be a full time member of the registered agency’s response team, i.e., SWAT, ERT, SRT, etc.  Keep in mind that if an agency chooses to register only five members, this leaves the team vulnerable for disqualification in the event that one of the five members is injured, called to court, called for an emergency, etc.


We are aware that many teams wish to travel to Orlando, prior to the competition and practice/train on the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Range. Therefore, we will accept appointments for practice/training time on a first come, first served basis. This can be arranged by contacting the firing range office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please remember, practice/training time will be permitted by appointment only...no walk-ons. The range will be closed for event preparation during the period of October 27 - November 9, 2013.


All members of a competing team are required to attend at least one of the educational classes during this week. “Competing Team” refers to all eight (8) members who are registered and eligible to compete in the team events during the week. Each event requires five (5) competitors; however, the team registration fee will cover all eight (8) members of the team. Those eight (8) personnel may alternate on any given event and may attend classes on Sunday and Monday. If a competing team member fails to attend at least one class, a time penalty will be assessed against the team for Event #1 Hostage Rescue.  That penalty will be charges as one (1) minute and added to the team’s final time of Event #1.   This one (1) minute penalty will be assessed for each competing team members who fails to attend at least one class. The only exception will be for those competitors who are also instructors in a class.


It is required that all competitors wear Mission Ready Uniform, which is specified as the type of uniform utilized for callout purposes.   This includes BDU style long pants, BDU or Long Sleeve Shirt and Tactical Footwear.  Tactical Footwear must be law enforcement type boot (black or tan in color) with over the ankle protection and does not include athletic or running shoes. If a team is sponsored by a specific vendor and wishes to advertise for that vendor, the following will apply for the mission ready uniform. Sponsor logos must be from vendors of law enforcement of tactical suppliers or training centers and may be placed on two locations of the shirt; the shoulder and/or the back. Logos placed on the shoulder may be no more than four inches (4") in diameter. Logos across the back of the shirt must be one (1) line only; it must be either above or below any team logo and must be no more than one inch (1") in height. Sponsor logos may not contain profanity or vulgar depictions. SRI reserves the right to final approval or disapproval of all sponsor logos. Sponsor logos may be submitted to SRI for prior approval by emailing SRI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Each participant that reports to the ready line not wearing the appropriate Mission Ready Uniform, will be assessed a fifteen (15) second procedural penalty per participant, per event.  Only during Event #5 (Obstacle Course) may participants wear athletic clothing such as shorts, running shoes, etc. If any participant is unsure if their Mission Ready Uniform meets the above requirements, they should contact the Competition Committee prior to the start of the competition. 


Use of FRANGIBLE AMMUNITION is REQUIRED for Event #1 (Hostage Rescue), Event #3 (Officer Rescue) and Event #4 (Tower Scramble), EXCEPT on Sniper Shots. Frangible Ammunition will be used for all steel plates on the range, EXCEPT Sniper Shots and in Event #2 (Pricher Scramble). This requirement is also applicable for all individual competitions such as Super SWAT Cop, Manufacturer’s Events, etc.


All protests/grievances must be submitted, in writing, within 60 minutes of the team’s completion of the event. Protests/Grievances must be presented to the Assistant Chief Judge, located at the Scoring Table, by the Team’s Designated Team Leader or Team Spokesperson. Only one person from each team may present the protest/grievance to the Assistant Chief Judge. All Protests/Grievances will be reviewed by the Chief Judge, along with the appropriate Assistant Chief Judge(s). However, a final resolution/decision will not be made until after the entire event has concluded.  Final decisions on all protests/grievances will rest with the Chief Judge and Assistant Chief Judges.  Grievances will not be accepted for issues related to weather conditions.  If a grievance is found to be valid and with merit, the team will be permitted a second grievance during the competition.  However, if a grievance is found to be without merit, the team will not have opportunity to present an additional grievance during any additional events.


2014 Event Information available Summer 2014

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